Company profile

Ylenia Preziosi S.r.l. was founded as an artisan goldsmith's company and has evolved over the years to become an industrial company. Today Ylenia Preziosi S.r.l. specialises in the development and production of costume jewellery and brass accessories for high fashion brands.

In a constantly evolving market, our strength has always been innovation, which has led us to diversify the materials we process and to introduce new technologies (e.g., 3D printing).

Product development is a continuous activity for us. The development process starts with a 3D drawing and moves on to 3D printing in wax or resin to create unique pieces.

In line with requests from our main customers to increase production capacity - our creations have already been chosen by some of the biggest international haute couture brands - we are aiming for further growth of our company. The company has already increased the level of structuring, thanks to the identification of differentiated figures for the management of the different processes and thanks to the use of management software.

The owners of Ylenia Preziosi S.r.l. work in the company and are always in the company. They give impetus to the design and production, carrying out direct control over the manufacturing process, transmitting the value of product quality to the staff at all levels. They also support the employees, who directly interface with the customer in the management of urgent and pressing requests.

Reasons behind the project

LThe company, which is constantly growing, has considered Certification of Quality as the necessary tool to demonstrate to the market its attention to customer needs and to distinguish itself from the competitors. In particular, the company aims to achieve an high level of organisation in the development of high-quality products to remain in the market of Haute Couture.

To improve its quality management, the company considered that the adoption of a Quality Management System, based on the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, was the right solution to its needs.

Quality objectives

  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting stated specifications and implicit requirements.
  • Expand and diversify the customer base.
  • Focus on continuous product innovation and new processing technologies, identifying market trends to seize the new elements for the customer.
  • Promote the collaborative spirit and the attention of all employees towards quality, encouraging them to understand the customer's needs. In particular during the design phase, the staff will propose alternative solutions if the original idea is not feasible.
  • Ensure the growth of the company by improving the internal organisation through the adoption of high-performance and customised management software. The management software will allow us to efficiently monitor the progress of the work, in order to satisfy our customers' requests for information.
  • Achieve and maintain a good level of staff interchangeability, to easily overcome any worker outflow.
  • Constantly guaranteeing the punctuality of deliveries for both sampling and production, also through the support of carefully selected and reliable suppliers.
  • Maintain the highest possible level of processing quality, providing the necessary resources to the quality control staff. In this way, the staff can carry out careful final checks on the products before shipping to the customer.

Alongside these general objectives, the company sets and periodically updates - during the Management Review - specific objectives for each company area, that is involved in the product quality.

This guarantees a progressive path towards continuous improvement and the satisfaction of customers and all stakeholders.

The company management also undertakes to:

  • Ensure the availability of the necessary resources (human, economic and infrastructural resources) to pursue these objectives.
  • Continuously monitor Customer Satisfaction and foster external communication.
  • Determine and address risks and opportunities that may affect the conformity of products, services, and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of its products and services by analysing and understanding all feedback from the market.
  • Update the Quality Policy, defining objectives to ensure its implementation based on external indications and internal company needs.